7 Ways to Deal with Information Overload

“The only person who is Educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change” — Carl Rogers

“So Much to Know So Much to Do”

verload of Information

Just as an overdose of something is never good, Similarly Information Overload will never be of any help in the long run. In the short term it may make you clueless about what to do with the information in hand and in the long term if it doesn't serve any purpose, it will be just another random group of words we have read and processed but never digested it fully.

So why does this happen and what exactly is Information Overload? In today’s world when we have got access to all the information that we need on our finger tips, we tend to absorb more than needed and also get lost in the thoughts or have our opinions on the same and then start giving advice (Myself also guilty as charged) or basically get lost in the whole process of sharing information.

Types of Information

Social Media Platforms.

As we all know during the pandemic, the use of Social media platforms and the digital space has increased profoundly and rightly so due to the need of the hour and this has been our way of coping to keep up with the latest technology. The prime reason being, in the absence of any physical interaction and actual meets happening we all have to rely on the virtual meetings and make use of all the data available online. So while we may just be chatting with a friend on WhatsApp, who forwards a link for a post on Instagram, for which more details are mentioned in the link in their Bio, we go from their Blog page to click on a You tube video link that we found on the website which we were browsing and before we know we have spent almost 1- 2 hours on this.

Processing the Information

Even though it is said knowledge is always beneficial and more the knowledge, more your ability to interact with people and there by increasing your chances with networking, Please keep in mind Information Overload is never healthy. While we may read bite sized news about organising or ways of increasing our productivity and hacks for organising ourselves, always remember to go through the steps below

  1. Relevant Information — Read the information that is most relevant to you right now.
  2. More Information — If you are directed towards a website or a link, ask yourself- Is it necessary right now?
  3. Make Notes -Once you have all the information, make a point to jot down some important points that struck a chord with you or highlight them and take snaps.
  4. Practise what you read — Putting the information into practise is as important as reading and absorbing it.
  5. Relevant for you ? — Once you are really impressed by the Tips provided, see how much you can incorporate the same in your life. Not all may be needed or useful for you.
  6. Take your own time — While it is easy to say we will put in practise, sometimes it is not easy to immediately implement them so take your own time but set a target date.
  7. Don’t be Harsh on yourself — Remember not to implement all at the same time, It may have taken years for the writer/Information provider to list down those points so know your limits and proceed accordingly
Stop Digital Intervention.

Take Time off Routinely

While I also absorb information 24 by 7 and tend to read a lot, I realised that I also need some time off to actually process the information that I read or come across. Or else the time will come when every human being will have a burn out since they know there are tons of information available but no idea about where to begin and what to utilise. A human mind needs time to process the new found information, assimilate the data and sift what is irrelevant and store only that which is most relevant for him/her at that particular point of time. This makes his/her mind receptive to the information and store it for ever.

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